• Malcolm Whye


Our lives are becoming busier, we have more to do in our lives, in our jobs, with our families. We are constantly reminded of the political situation or of the threat of war. Our stress levels are THROUGH THE ROOF.

We need to find ways to relieve some of the stress we are carrying so that we can focus on having a healthier, happier life.

The following is a series of mental shifts and techniques that you can begin implementing immediately to rid your life of stress altogether.


Only give your energy to the things that you have direct control over.

I get it. With everything going on in the world, in the news, and in our own communities, it can be easy for us to lose track of the things that matter. But, we will drive ourselves crazy stressing over things that we have little to no control over. Next time you find yourself stressing over something ask yourself, "Is this something that is within my control?"

If the answer is yes, then do something about it. Most of the time, we find that it is something that we have no control over, so the best thing for us to do is to let it go. At the end of the day the only things we can control are: our attitude, our effort, & how we respond to any situation.


Recognize now is all that we have.

How often do you find yourself living in regret about something that you have done or that has happened in the past? Or, how often do you catch yourself feeling anxious about what the future holds? Our minds have a funny way of taking the future and imagining the worst, or taking the past and over complicating it.

The reality is, there is only the present moment. We cannot change what has already happened, and we can't do anything about the future since it is not here. The best we can do is focus on how we are showing up at this very moment. Holding on to the past is the quickest way to having a stressful life. Forgive yourself or others for what has happened, and prepare for the future today!


Sometimes a deep breath is all we need!

When we are in a stressful state, our bodies go into fight of flight mode. During this time, our stress hormones are released into our bodies and we begin to feel the physical effects of stress:

  • Increased heart rate

  • Blood vessels constrict

  • Quick and shallow breathing

Take a minute to focus on your breathing. Take long deep breaths in through the nose into the diaphragm and out through the mouth. Slow and deep breathing will activate your relaxation response and will instantly make you feel better.

Get your breathing on!


An idle mind is the Devil's playground.

Often times, the most stressful and negative thoughts occur when we are idle. Inactivity causes our minds to run wild with crazy thoughts about the things in our lives and causes us to overthink certain situations.

Get up and do something that will take your mind off of everything. Go play your favorite sport, get a good exercise in, or go for a walk. Getting active is not only good for your mental clarity but for your overall health as well!


Figure out the things in your life that you have to be thankful for.

It's easy to forget about how lucky we are in our lives for the people in our lives, for where we live, or the career we have. Take a minute to really think hard about the things in your life that you are grateful for and put your attention on those things. No matter how hard it seems, everyone has something that they can be grateful for....

Can't think of anything? Well, you're reading this post right? That's something to be thankful for.