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About Us

Mindset of a Hustler (MOAH) was created with a simple philosophy in mind: anyone can achieve a fulfilling and purpose-driven life with the right mindset.


Do you feel bored or unsatisfied with your career? Do you crave a life of happiness, purpose, and passion? Do you dream of success, but have a hard time achieving your goals? Do you just feel stuck?


We’ve been there before. But we have good news:




In a society that places high-value on knowledge-based skill sets, it's easy to neglect developing your personal skills when seeking success. These personal skills are your mindset.


A mindset is the established set of attitudes that shape your world-view, self-image, and overall life philosophy. Research has found that a person’s mindset is the single most important factor in determining success.


There are two types of mindsets that we usually see in people: fixed mindsets and growth mindsets. 


Here at MOAH, we’re in the business of transforming fixed mindsets into growth mindsets. Through motivational content, educational resources, and mindset coaching services, we’ll help you become the best and most successful version of yourself. You have the power to achieve anything you want in this life as long as you believe you can. This is what being a Hustler is all about.

Developing the Mindset of a Hustler Will Help You:


  • Embrace your imperfections

  • Stop seeking the validation of others

  • Turn criticism & failure into learning opportunities

  • Cultivate grit

  • Take risks

  • Show up as your full self in all areas of your life

  • Find success through growth, passion and purpose

Our Team of Hustlers Will Teach You How To:


  • Overcome limiting beliefs

  • Establish healthy habits

  • Set actionable goals

  • Find your unique “why”

  • Foster a support-system of like-minded people

  • Make sustainable changes in your life


We are the creators of our lives. We determine our own version of success. We are the leaders, entrepreneurs, musicians, investors, and innovators of tomorrow.




Let us help you reach your goals & become the most successful version of yourself.


Mindset of a Hustler was born out of a hungry millennial’s desire to share his personal road to success. After trial and error in his own journey to fulfillment, Malcolm found that the key to success is not logging hundreds of training hours or perfecting a skill set, but developing a growth mindset. When Malcolm Whye founded MOAH, he had a vision to help other like-minded individuals find success and happiness by sharing this information and teaching people how to reframe their thinking to achieve their goals. 


Malcolm Whye has always had an entrepreneurial spirit and go-getter attitude that pushes him to dream bigger. His relentless drive has allowed him to thrive as a Division I football player, salesman, business owner and visionary. His strong work ethic can be credited for many of these achievements, but Malcolm knows his ability to view failures as learning opportunities has been the biggest contributing factor to his success. 

Before being named captain of the team, Malcolm initially joined the University of Northern Colorado Football Program as a walk-on where he was forced to work his way up and prove himself as not only an athlete, but a leader. On top of this adversity, he overcame two knee injuries that caused him to miss two years of eligibility. In the beginning of Malcolm’s sales career, he made exactly zero sales in his first four months, before selling over $100,000 in product in a single month for a startup company. His first businesses were complete failures. He’s lost time, money and friendships, but through it all, he never lost the will to create a better life for himself.

After starting a successful digital marketing agency, Malcolm began reflecting on how a kid with a dream became an entrepreneur living a fulfilled life. He questioned how he and countless other individuals have been able to find success even in the face of adversity. He looked around and noticed so many people were still struggling to live a purpose-driven life. This led him to ask the question:


What causes some people to reach their goals and others to fail? 


Malcolm is no stranger to failure or the personal development game. Through his journey he has read hundreds of personal development books, taken on various leadership roles and studied his mentors to find out what really determines success. After taking a hard look at his own success story, Malcolm discovered that it was his mindset that got him through the tough times and prevented him from giving up. With this realization in mind, he set out on a mission to find other individuals in his community who understood the importance of a growth mindset. From there, Mindset of a Hustler was born. 


Only five people showed up to our first MOAH mastermind meeting. By the third meeting, we were filling up lecture halls with people seeking fulfillment from their professional and personal lives. What started as a small group of kids discussing their experiences, habits, and perspectives has turned into a nationwide community of Hustlers. We are now a movement. We have the rare opportunity to educate and inspire the next generation of leaders by teaching them to reprogram their minds for success. We don't believe in doing what everyone else is doing; We believe in forging your own path and running head first into it. 

Our community has become a family of hundreds of entrepreneurs, musicians, artists, teachers, motivational speakers, personal trainers, activists and go-getters who are determined to live their lives and not let their lives live them. 


We are the go to community for mindset and personal development coaching for millennials seeking purpose, passion and fulfillment from their lives. 


Get in touch with us to learn more about the Mindset of a Hustler community.


to help millennials seeking purpose, passion and fulfillment from their professional and personal lives become the most successful version of themselves by developing a growth mindset.