Hosted by brand founders, Malcolm Whye and Miroslava Rangel, The Mindset of a Hustler Podcast offers a new way for millennials seeking fulfillment in their personal and professional lives to approach success. 

“The Mindset of a Hustler Podcast was created by millennials for millennials. We noticed a lot of the personal development podcasts hosted by self-proclaimed “gurus” offered empty advice and lacked substance. Our podcast is hosted by a team that is in the trenches with you as you work your way to a better life. We understand where you’re at because we’ve been there ourselves. Our community believes in leaning on each other and getting through life’s challenges together.”


-Malcolm Whye, CEO



Born out of our desire to grow our community and help people achieve their goals, this podcast is the latest addition to our offerings that help all the hustlers reach their full potential. In these episodes you’ll get exclusive tips and insights from the top creative entrepreneurs, athletes, activists and go-getters in the game. We explore industries ranging from music, to nonprofits, to marketing, to fitness in order to give you all the inspiration you need to change your mindset. 

The Mindset of a Hustler Podcast will teach you how to:

  • Overcome limiting beliefs

  • Establish healthy habits

  • Set actionable goals

  • Find your unique “why”

  • Foster a support-system of like-minded people

  • Make sustainable changes in your life to find success

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"This podcast delivers content that relates to everyone no matter what you’re going through or where you’ve been in life. It helps you to critically think and encourages meaningful self reflection. The podcast challenges you to become a better version of yourself, highly recommend."

— R.Saiz



We are an inclusive lifestyle brand that helps millennials seeking purpose, passion, and fulfillment from their professional and personal lives become the most successful version of themselves!

We do this by providing:

  • Motivational Content

  • Educational Resources

  • Community Events

  • Mindset Coaching

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